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His Reason

April 2009

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TSP kiss Doctor & Rose

greenarpieshay in lovesonlyseed


Here's a question for discussion: What was it about Ten (or Nine) and Rose that first made you ship them?


Well shipping the Doctor with Rose didn't come easy for me. Why you ask? Well because I grew up watching Doctor Who and I never saw anything remotely romantic about the Doctor or the series itself. That was in the last 1980's/early 1990's though.

Now skip ahead to 2005 or early 2006 when I first finished watching the new Doctor Who (US fan here) the moment, the very moment I opened my heart to the possibility of shipping the Doctor with Rose was the moment in BAD WOLF (I think it was) the Doctor looked utterly devastated when he believe he had just witnessed Rose's murder. At that moment my heart opened and I knew I could ship them but of course I had to then deal with Christopher Eccleston's leaving and with David Tennant's arrival. It wasn't a hard thing to deal with after all as I fell for David as the Doctor the moment we see him and by the end of the Christmas Invasion I knew it was love for me if it wasn't for Rose.

Of course the gap in my heart only grew wider with the passage of every episode for S2 (except for Love and Monsters as I despised it). Doomsday was devastating, utterly devastating and I don't think I'll EVER ship the Doctor with anyone else ever again.

Whew I said quite a bit didn't I?